If You Can Write Songs and Lyrics With Hit Potential ... This is Your Time to Become a Pro Songwriter or Lyricist

As the music industry continues to evolve in the digital age, new record companies are launching and creating new opportunities for songwriters, singers, lyric-writers and recording artists. Even the older, traditional record companies are trying to keep pace, by signing new singers, songwriters and lyric-writers to their record labels at a pace we've really never seen before.

Record companies are releasing more songs by more artists than ever before, which has created more hit songs and more opportunities for songwriters and lyricists to cash-in and get their songs and lyrics to the record companies and recording artists who can turn your songs into hit records.

In fact, in a recent Music-Industry Songwriting Workshop, several Record Company Executives coached songwriters and lyric-writers on How to Sell Their Songs and Lyrics. You can see what the record companies told the songwriters here, in the Songwriting Workshop Songwriter Page.

Music Manager Allie Brooks, of The Brooks Agency, tells us: "If you write songs, poems or lyrics , you have more options available to you today than ever before. You could Send Your Songs to the record companies that are looking for new songwriters and lyricists, or you could Get a Manager to Pitch Your Songs to Record Companies for you.

You could also Send Your Songs and Lyrics to Recording Artists who are Looking for New Songs, or you could try Selling Your Songs and Lyrics .

In our next music-industry update, we'll bring you some of the top record companies that are looking for new songwriters and singers. In the meantime, if you're interested in Selling Your Songs, Poems and Lyrics, check out the award-winningSell Your Songs Workshop for Songwriters.


Songwriters! Check out the latest Songwriter's Workshop, where Record Company Executives and Music Producers coach songwriters and lyric-writers on How to Sell Your Song and Lyrics.


The Songwriters and Lyricists Alliance will be back next week with more music-industry updates and opportunities for songwriters and lyricists.